I seldom use an eraser


I seldom use an eraser, and when I do use one, it is at the very end of the drawing session, sometimes even a few days later.  The reason for this is, I believe a mark laid is a mark played.  The essence of the expression is intact and pure, the lineage of senses and expression maintained.  The lack of eraser forces me to be efficient and clean and direct.  It is about the honesty of mark making in my practice.

Before the eraser … (please excuse the colour differences, as this one was taken by my iphone during drawing session, and the lights were dim. Interestingly, the colour is more correct in this image than the second image.)

Charcoal Drawing Trops
Before- Charcoal Drawing Julia Trops

And after the eraser …

After – Charcoal drawing Julia Trops

The editing is slight, and only because I felt that the drawing was telling me to do it. Sounds strange if you aren’t an artist yourself, but my fellow artists will know exactly what I am talking about. The editing was done three days after drawing session was finished. This work and others are available for sale in my online gallery. This link will open a new window.

Our Life Models Are More Than Still Life

Ink on board sold
ink on board, sold

The difference between my models and others was made clear to me today. A new potential model asked me if I was going to tell him how to pose, when to turn, how long he should stay in one pose. I said no that the model was responsible for all of this.

My models are independent thinking human beings who retain control over their person. They choose whether to be draped, semi or undraped. They are given very loose direction for the performance during the sessions.

The majority of artists in Livessence continue, in their drawing or painting, to remember and respect the models humanity. I am of the opinion that an observer would be able to tell the difference between an artist rendering of a human still life and the capturing of the human existence.

I believe that these days, there are more artists who fall in the latter category rather than the former. I think it has to do with the awareness of the artist himself for others and this sensitivity is what gives that additional consciousness to their work.