Gallery Odin Artists support Vernon Jubilee Hospital at Summer Wine Festival


The artists in Gallery Odin , Julia Trops, Destanne Norris, Glen Clarke, Elizabeth Moore, Wendy Hart-Penner and Barry Rafuse worked on August 9th and 10th for the Summer Wine Festival creating works that would be later auctioned off in support if the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. Because of the generosity of the bidders who knew how a fundraiser works, bid high and often. This almost madero believe in silent auctions again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Donna L who won my piece by the actions of a truly a generous heart. This was well appreciated.

Artwork Donation Julia Trops Vernon Jubilee Hospital Gallery Odin Silver Star Ski Resort
My donation for the fundraiser, The Bouquet, 6×12, Acrylic. Based on the trees just outside the village of Silver Star Ski Resort


Painting Plein Air at Silver Star Ski Resort Aug 9/10

This weekend, I will be at Silver Star Ski Resort, painting plein air for Gallery Odin and the Wine Festival there.  On Saturday, there will be a live auction of a work from each of the artists to benefit Jubilee Hospital in Vernon.  Thank you to Kal and Maria Molnar for making the live auction artist friendly.

If you see me paint there, this is what I am using.   I’ve ordered two so far, and know I will be ordering many more.  I can attest to the simplicity of set up, and how tight the canvas is.  I’m excited.  If you order any canvases from this link I’ve given you, I get a 5% commission – it’s a nice that the creator of the canvas system is appreciating his artist customers … no wonder as his sister Patty Baker is a well known artist in the States.  So thank you Mike Schwed!  By the way, the system is copyrighted in Canada and the US.  We artists are protective of those who help us out – I know I am, and I will report you. Nothing like loyalty! On a happier note, I am super excited for the weekend!

Gallery Odin Artists Village
Gallery Odin Artists Village Silver Star Ski Resort 9-10 August 2013