Business list for petitions in the Okanagan – Bill C-229 Legislation against Animal Cruelty

Looking for 100 businesses in the Okanagan. Please consider doing this in your own Canadian city. 1000 persons with 1000 signatures is 1 Million signatures. Your bit could be as simple as signing your name saying you want change.

If you can suggest any receptive business, please let me know. If you would like to help distribute petitions, send me a message. If you would like to just print off the petition, Bill and Coles Notes version, and put it in your business, by all means, here are the links. Please send a note so I can add your business here. I will do a first round of petition pick up March 15, and a second round Apr 25. Businesses, I will be sending out a press release by the end of Feb. If you want to be included, you need to tell me.

If you would like to see what Bill C-229 is all about, please read the info from MP Mark Hollands website. Forget about politics: if you are Lib or Cons or Green or NDP or Independent. This is about getting the animal cruelty laws changed because it is the right thing to do:

Web Links

Bill 203 vs Bill 229

and Bill 229 itself:

and the petition:

here are the parliamentary rules regarding petitions – please consider asking everyone to use BLUE INK :

Business List current as of Mar 18 2011 – signatures gathered approximately 1160

1. Sunshine Pets on Banks Road Kelowna
2. Sunshine Pets near Staples in West Kelowna
3. Sunshine Pets on Elliott in Westbank (near old Coopers)
4. Urban Canine near Dragons Lair and Natures Fare in West Kelowna
5. Bean Scene on Bernard
6. Bone Apetit in Glenmore
7. Bone Apetit on Pandosy south of the Hospital
8. Buckerfields Kelowna
9. (hope to get one in Buckerfields Westbank when it is built)
10. Second Cup by London Drugs Kelowna (completed)
11. Total Pet Kelowna (completed)
12. Urban Trail Orchard Park Plaza
13. Bone and Biscuit
14. Natures Fare Kelowna
15. Mouldings and More (West Kelowna)
16. Cherry Hill Coffee by Paramount Theatre
17. Kelowna Community Theatre
18. Cannery Coffee on Ellis/Cawston
19. Hopefully City of Kelowna will put it in their staff room, this has to be approved first.
20. Pet Pantry Penticton
21. Bliss Peachland
22. Country Corner Summerland
23. Sunoka Vet Clinic Summerland
24. Total Pet Penticton
25. Lindsays Animal Hospital
26. TriLake Animal Hospital (soon)
27. Carrington Animal Hospital
28. Fairfield Animal Hospital
29. Choices Market (hopefully, dropped off needs to be approved by manager)
30. Rose Valley Corner store
31. Body Fit Kelowna (West Kelowna)
32. Astral Media (needs to be approved by manager)
33. SLR Society for Learning in Retirement
34. Martin Avenue Boys and Girls Club
35. K9 Grooming
36. Rutland Pet Hospital
37. Jacobsen Vet Services