Rome Day 3 – The Modern

Another walking day but this time focused towards the north western part of the city, near the Villa Borghese. I was unable to get tickets for the time I was there, so tried to get them on the internet the night before. That was unsuccessful, and the result was i went to visit the museum to purchase them in person. Apparently, you can only reserve in excess of two days in advance by phone. Because I did not want to put the call on my cell phone, I used the pay phone. Thank goodness as I was on hold for about five minutes. Ticket reservation obtained for July, I left and carried on to the Gallery of Modern Art not far away. I would go to this one again for sure. The glass floor in the entrance was mind blowing. So many amazing paintings of the 1800s and the sculpture of that time is fabulous and intricate, and just gorgeous. The urinal signed by R Mutt is also housed here amongst some other history making pieces. Unfortunately there was no catalog of works in English, so I do not have a copy.

Not far away in the park is the Art Gallery of Carlo Bilotti. It’s claim to fame is the de Chiricos. The guide book Frommers Italy 2012 did not say there was one Warhol, one Larry Rivers, one Dubuffet – I think if it had, I probably would not have gone. I like de Chiricos’ work but the others, I don’t know if I would make the effort. There was an artist in the lower gallery whose work was minimally interesting but I do not remember his name, and did not make the effort to try.

It was still fairly early so I took the metro from Flamino to Vittorio Emanuele and walked through the Piazza to Santa Maria Maggiore. Quite beautiful, the church. So much opulence, so much grandiosity. I understand that much of what the church did was good in that it has helped people to give more form and structure to their lives, but I do wonder how much of the money spent on buildings would have been better served in actually aiding the people, rather than being in judgement of them. So many confessionals line the inside of the building, so many people giving confessions. To be human is to “sin”, it is just a fact of life. If you didn’t sin, you wouldn’t be here, I don’t know, it just seems like confessing sins and seeking absolution is almost a denial of what it is to be human.

Barry had fun here.

Barry at Santa Maria Maggiore Rome Italy
Barry at Santa Maria Maggiore Rome Italy

The park was beautiful to walk in, and it was a very pleasant day. I am looking forward to coming back with my husband and visiting the Borghese, and the Etruscan museum. I think we will also go to the Modern once again.