Can you give me a better price on that artwork – aka a discount…

Today I was asked about an art purchase, and giving a better price for multiple purchases.

I responded, I can raise the price if you like!

That wasn’t what the person wanted to hear. lol.

So here is the way it is.

If you purchase over 5K, then yes, I give you a discount. If you are a client with multiple purchases (thousands and thousands of dollars), yes I give you a discount.

Every so often, usually near Christmas or Mother’s Day, I put out “make an offer” in my Ruby Lane store (on now). This is good for purchases online only, work available from me (not any of my galleries) and there are definitely limits in place. If you are local, sending me an email is good enough to count as an online purchase.

I am a full time artist, I do not do this for a hobby. If you ask me for a discount on my work, it is like your employer asking you to take less money for what you do. Say 20% (or even 30% or more is what some people ask!) less at the end of the month, or even hourly. How would you feel about that?