Current art and artwork donations -2011

I try and help out my community when I can – the focus lately has been the art galleries, but there are causes here and there that I want to contribute to, so I do. For non art galleries, I now give Gift Certificates with a minimum bid of 50% – so $50 on $100.

Quite frankly I am tired of people low balling in silent auctions and getting valuable items for almost nothing. That is not the purpose of a fundraiser.

So if you attend fundraisers, please remember why you are there, bid that extra $20.

Donations for 2011:

UBCO Art on the Line – 3 works (~$1000)

Okanagan Arts Awards – $100 GC

RCMP Cops for kids – 1 work ($400)

Cool Arts – $100 GC

Gallery Vertigo and Almost Famous – 3 works (~$500)

Kelowna Art Gallery – 1 work ($500)

Kamloops Art Gallery – 3 works (~$1000)

Vernon Art Gallery – 3 works ($800)

Canadian Cancer Society Breast Cancer Research (as Okanagan Erotic Art Show) ~$500

Kelowna Museums Society – $100 GC

Rotary Centre for the Arts – $500 artwork

If you would like me to donate something to your cause, I am happy to do so. Send me a note. My policy is for non-art galleries, it is a $100 gift certificate, with a $50 minimum bid. Or you can purchase an artwork and I will donate an artwork of equal value to your event. The ability to receive a receipt for taxes is  required.