Business interaction with Culture – Could you do this?

You know what I would like to see

is a month long event, where the local businesses buy in to the concept that all art is removed from the walls.

Let’s just start with the art, because it’s easy to administer the idea…

Remove the art from the walls for one month. Then take the temperature of the businesses and the clients/customers and the employees. Everyone who walks in to that shop, or office, or room…. ask questions like how did you feel when you walked in, did it seem friendly, if it was your first time to that office could you get a sense of their philosophy (artwork displayed is a subconscious or maybe even conscious projection of that company’s philosophy…) What other questions do you think you could ask? Use this opportunity to gain valuable insights from your clients/customers about your business. What a fascinating project that could be. Who will be the first? The first is the leader you know, the one who is in front of everyone else. What an opportunity to be an industry leader!

Cultural groups create from a space that is foreign from business. Artists and performers create from a space of (dare I say it) love. There is a greater good and return to money given with an open heart – something Kevin O’Leary probably wouldn’t agree with. Gosh I wish I could have said that on CBC! But it was such a short interview. Next time maybe.