Letter to the MPs, MLAs of Canada regarding Animal Rights and Animal Cruelty Legislation

Please feel free to copy and paste, or adjust as you feel necessary. Write to all public representatives and have all of our government hear how we feel about animal rights and animal cruelty. Here is a list of the email addresses

Dear MLA (or MP or Senator) of Canada,

There is outrage all over the world about the massacre of the sled
dogs. Canada is or maybe already has a reputation for cruelty and lack
of regard when it comes to their animal population.

Our society is one of compassion, we Canadians pride ourselves on
being one of the most compassionate peoples on this planet. But, as
Mahatma Ghandi said, ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the ways its animals are treated.

This current disposal of sled dogs in Whistler is a prime example of
what is wrong with the current legislation. These sled dogs (and other
animals) are used for economic gain, but disposed of when they are no
longer able to be supported. This is unacceptable. Animals are
sentient emotional beings. A parallel could be drawn between a parent
who can no longer support a child, would it be acceptable to kill

Under no circumstances should any company be able to discard animals.
There must be agreements signed to this effect. The SPCA or other
humane organizations must be involved and funded to enable relocation,
this needs to be a requirement!

The animal cruelty laws need to be changed. Currently Bill C-229 is in
progress and needs to be passed pronto!

The animal rights laws need to be changed. Bill C-50 needs to be
resubmitted as per requirements and passed pronto! Please SUSPEND
whether you are Liberal or Conservative or NDP or Independent and look
at the entire picture! There is no room for political ego in this
situation! How amazing would that be if you all worked together?

Animals are living sentient beings and need to be recognized as such
in updated legislation to protect their rights.

The words “brutally” and “viciously” must be defined in the Criminal Code.

“Lawful excuse” must be defined as self-defense for both human and animal!

Animals can not be killed or discarded, in any manner, when they no
longer serve their economic use.

A business who uses animals in their day to day work, for economic
gain, for human enjoyment”, must make provisions within their business
plan for the future of these animals.

A business that kills their animals must be penalized financially and
criminally for their actions. Each animal killed must be a subsequent
sentence. Sentences should be major fines, not $500. Go big!

Any illnesses arising from the ordered actions of employees that
require medical or psychological care must be turned back to the
company or parent company of that employee who ordered the action.

Any animal inflicted injuries arising from the actions of any
employees because of their killing animals must be turned back to the
company or parent company of that employee.

Canada must step up to the plate and change the laws that have, in
substance, not been changed since 1892. Bill C-50 is written already,
and could be passed without much ado, as it has already gone through
legislature. C-229 is a good start! Canada likes to think of itself as
a supporter of other nations, and that it has a good reputation in the
world. But as mentioned, a nation’s (or man’s) character is easily
judged by how he treats animals. And what does the world think of us

I do worry that a very narrow minded approach is going to be taken by
this task force – ie just looking at the sled dog issue. I hope
that… this task force pushes forward an increase to spca funding to
support preventative measures. All companies like Outdoor Adventures who use animals
for “human enjoyment” should be made to sign an agreement than none
can be killed because they can’t afford it… that part of the
business requirement is there is acknowledgment that the future of
such animals be assured, and that execution is not acceptable.

I would like a response on what you specifically are doing to aid this venture.
Thank you.

Julia Trops