Colin, I’m not really a crazy koala bear lady, really ….

Barry, Barry quite koalantrary, how does your eucalyptus grow?
With river red gun, and tallow wood, and
Small leafed peppermint all in a bowl!


I really am not a crazy koala bear lady. Really.

It might have seemed that way though, recently at Comic-Con in San Diego. I had been looking forward to the autograph session with Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath from Merlin, for which I was so lucky to get tickets two days previously. I love the show, and to meet Colin and Katie was just over the top for me.

So, for the past six weeks, while I was in Italy, and again, in Comic-Con, I am doing the project with the Australian Koala Bear Hospital’s Barry the Koala Bear, titled “Where’s Barry”.  I take pictures of Barry in various poses and situations to help raise awareness for koala bears. I have been having so much fun, that I thought it would be great to get a pic of him with Colin who plays Merlin on the show. When I got there, I was told I could have either an autograph or a picture and I knew I had maybe twenty seconds if I had a horseshoe somewhere on my person ….

So when I am in front of Colin, who has beautiful blue eyes, and who was sitting beside Katie, who is so gorgeous in person, I blather on about the Koala Bears in Australia. Faintly I could hear someone say, “Ma’am, Ma’am” as I rush through to the end about Barry being an Emperor in Rome, and being shot out of a cannon and well would he mind if we took a picture too and by the way here is where he can see other pics of Barry as I smack my card on the table with web info on the Where’s Barry project.


Poor fellow. I am sure he must have thought I was nuts.

No, I’m just an artist.

And at the end of that autograph session, I felt that I fit right in at Comic-Con.

Colin Morgan, Barry and Julia Trops
Colin Morgan, Barry and Julia Trops

To see the rest of the Barry Pics, please click on this link, it will take you to my facebook album.

Edited August 5th. I’ve changed my mind. Yes, I am a crazy koala bear lady. I’m a crazy animal lady. I have 9 cats. I stick up for animal welfare. The Sled Dogs, remember them? I haven’t forgotten. It would make me the happiest if the world decided that – you know, animals shouldn’t be abused, or treated unfairly, or slaughtered the way they are, or kept in those horrible pens … that the people of the world realized that our actions, our humanity is a joke, when we don’t respect other life forms. Animals have souls, they have feelings, they have everything the same as you and me, except that their mode of communication is different – not non-existent. Are any of you aware of the plight of the koala bears, or of other species? Or are you happy in your complacence, your nintendo, your tv shows. Barry was a small thing, but I enjoyed it, and I felt that I was doing something. You know a bit more now too. What are you going to do about it?