2016 – The Okanagan Butterfly

What it represents: The Butterfly Project unites the communities through culture.  Eleven artists, from Peachland to Vernon, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, came together to create the communities’ wings.  

What is it:
20 canvases, 24”x 24” each, resulting in a 10 foot by 8 foot mosaic of community identity with an eye to the future.  The Butterfly Project was unveiled at the 2016 BC Culture Days Provincial Launch which united the communities of Westbank First Nation, West Kelowna and Peachland.

How I did it:  I sought out artists with inclusive vision and invited them to create a work individual to the artist. Each artist was provided a canvas with only lines painted on, and asked to create according to their identity. Each painting is unique and special, yet contributes to the vision of the whole.  The artists donated their time, ability and talents, and will be paid upon the sale of this work.

Why I did it:  It was important that the public could participate and be part of this vision. This project encourages the understanding of Indigenous culture as a separate and distinct yet equally important to fabric of the non-Indigenous community.

Who is it for: This socio-political work would be suited to a business with an outstanding philosophy of cultural ethics and acceptance which promotes the emotional and mental health of its community members.

Why you should buy it:  This work would suit an entryway, where the public frequents often. With the greater focus on cultural tourism, this is a way to put your business on the map, and highlight in a very visible way your philosophy and dedication to the community, whether Indigenous or non-Indigenous or both.

The Butterfly also comes with a transportable frame that can accompany you at events such as trade shows, golf tourneys and the like.

Copyrights for the butterfly image also included.

Price:  $10,000 (including portable stand $12,000)

This is only a snapshot of the Butterfly Project.  If you wish to talk further, contact me at 250-215-0079  or email juliatrops@gmail.com