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Hi to all, if you are an animal lover, and believe that the animal rights laws should be changed, please consider writing to all the MPs and MLAs across Canada. I have compiled the email addresses for a simple copy and paste. To do this would take about half an hour tops. Together we can make a difference, and it is a small amount of time to be spent that could have a big impact. When the people raise their voices in unison, we create a choir and a song that can not be ignored.

Send in groups of about 20 or 30, to prevent being caught by spam filters, and send over a period of a week to prevent your email provider getting mad at you. Yes, there are a lot of emails here. With the power of the internet we can make a difference.

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Current Canadian Animal Legislation still treats animals as Property.

“Animals typically are treated as things over which humans can exercise rights of possession, use, and enjoyment in exclusion of other humans.  Therefore, animals are property in Canada, and the Criminal Code recognizes this by placing animals under Part XI, which is titled Wilful and Forbidden Acts in Respect of Certain Property.”

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Dog Sled Cull or more properly EXECUTIONS after BC Winter Olympics

Astonished. Horrified. Disgusted. Agonized. These are only a few of the feelings I had when I found out that TWO months after the Olympics, an event that celebrated the highest possible physical abilities, 100 sled dogs were culled, or more accurately, viciously murdered or executed, at Whistler Olympic Village.

To abhorrent to be true? Read the WCB report filed by the man who did this.
or on CBC website:

A very quick heart and gut wrenching synopsis: It took this person two days to shoot/ slit the throats of 100 dogs. He says in the report that he still sees ( when he tries to sleep) the terror in the… eyes of the dogs who trusted him , as he systematically picked them out, (or as they realized their fate) had to hunt them down in front of their pack. He threw their bodies in a pit , one on top of the other, those that were not quite dead yet ,tried to crawl out. He went into the pit and made sure they were now dead.

Other dogs “when they realized what was happening” tried to attack him. WHEN THEY REALIZED! Do you know anything about dog mentality? And if you do, can you imagine what must have been going through their brains?

And now this guy is getting compensation! If he receives compensation, it should be from the company who ordered the executions!

Well now I and many many others want compensation for the dogs!

Criminal investigation against the man who did it, criminal investigation against the company! Remove their ability to own any life form whatsoever as they have proven their inability to treat it with respect and dignity! They still have 200 dogs apparently. What will they do with the remainder?

This is horrific and completely unacceptable. There must be laws put in place IMMEDIATELY to protect animals who have no or limited voice. Write your MLA or your politician, I DON”T CARE WHERE YOU ARE! YOUR VOICE COUNTS! Write the company. Write the Whistler town council! Write the Whistler tourism companies! But PLEASE WRITE to express your outrage and that you do not accept this behaviour!

The BC Tourism industry is a huge part of this province’s income. Boycott BC until the LAWS ARE IN PLACE AND THIS COMPANY IS INVESTIGATED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!

Here are the email addresses: Copy and paste is all you need to do:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

First Nations that I could find, if you have any you would like to share, please send me a note or post below:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

News agencies (will be updated as I find the addresses):,,

Newspapers are published in a separate post, just following this one.

I am not going to post the gory details. If you want to read them yourself. Last I checked there were almost 400 reports around the world of this atrocity:

Join if you want numbers the Facebook page:

Now my question is, if business doesnt pick up, and it most likely won’t, what will they do with the other TWO HUNDRED DOGS?