Artwalk Artwork 2015

Artwalk has arrived, and I am very pleased with the artwork I will be showing this year.

This year, for Artwalk, I am located in the big gym along the left side wall.  Present will be recently completed oil paintings and stone and bronze sculptures.  Paintings that will be included will be many smaller works in oil, and other mixed media. I’m enjoying the more whimsical and esoteric ideas that have presented themselves, influenced by my love of Pop Culture and the last four years of attendance of Comic Con San Diego.  As well, some skies have reappeared in my work, as well as horses. I paint to my desires, and the hard work this year on the arts council has me dreaming of open beautiful skies and the freedom of riding in fields.

Along with my own artwork, a number of activities has been keeping me out of trouble, mostly. A lot has to do with the new Sukwtemsqilx West Kelowna Arts Council and Westside Culture Days, writing articles and short stories.