There was nothing there – or was there?

After the orientation of the day, I relaxed in my flat, reading a book on my kindle. I was sitting in the small chair near the window but away from the door. I had the feeling I was being watched, and saw some movement out of the corner of my eye near the door, and I looked up. There was nothing there. I thought it was odd, but went back to reading my book.

Again, some movement and that feeling of being watched. Aware that I am living in the old city wall, and that there are probably many memories held in this place, I take a second and don’t look where the movement is. I have the impression of a long robe, like a long dress or something similar. I don’t remember any kind of embellishment or patterns, it just seemed plain but rough fabric. I look up. There was nothing there.

I went back to reading my book. I did not get any sort of sense that there was malevolence, or anger or anything like that. I got the impression there was more curiosity than anything. Again, the sense was there of movement and being watched. i smiled in that general direction, and since then, they have not come back.

I told Paola about what happened, and she said yes that the wall was very old, and that they were probably come to look at what a Canadian looked like, having never seen one. I am glad I smiled at them.

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