The mornings in Otranto

This wakes me up every morning … (these are quicktime files)

All of these recordings were taken INSIDE my flat, but the window is open.

Birds in the morning

The birds, though, go all day, from first light which is about 430 am, to the evening setting sun which is about 8 pm.

And …
if I am really lucky, I sleep through this, which starts at 530 am to around 7…

This clip is about a minute long even though you hear silence during some part of it.
The janitorial staff in Otranto

Then at seven if I am not awake by then I hear this:

Bells in the morning Otranto

On the same morning within a few seconds:

Bells in the morning 2

Each bell ringer has his own personality. These last two are not full files, I managed to get only about 30 seconds of each. And these last two were on the same day as well, within minutes of each other:

Bells in the morning 3

and again:

Bells in the morning 4

These bells go off at 7 am usually, or sometimes as late as 7:10 am, and go on for about 2 full minutes. There is the first set that says Get out of bed, and the second one that says the time … I think it is the time, but sometimes the bell ringer goes over the count …

These bells also go off in the afternoon around 5 and 6. There is a constant presence of otherworldliness here. One would be hard pressed to only consider himself existing in this world. Do I think this has affected my artwork here? Absolutely.

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