Memory brings its own identity

The Overview of the residency

When I applied to the BAU residency for Otranto, my project proposal was fairly specific. My focus in art is the female nude, the female identity. The area and the country was important because of its cultural significance to the perception of the female. I was going to explore the idea of the feminine as it manifests in this specific area and in Italy in general, through stories and observations.  The first week was going to focus on sisters, the second, the female as a sensual/sexual person, and the third mothers, and the fourth, grandmothers/aunts.  In this way, I would be able to have goals to work towards, and have an outline that would guide the works. It was a way for me to focus, and produce, and I thought it would be a fairly easy month.

That’s not how it turned out.

As I settled in to the castle, where my studio is, and as I walked around Otranto, and as I lived in my flat, which is in the old castle walls, and I participated in the field trips, the dinners; I was open to it all. I experienced a shift. I brought nothing with me but knowledge and memory of the past and the present: who I am, where I came from. Memory will bring its own identity.

The works that I started to produce were …. fine, I guess, but they were not sufficient to express what it was that I was feeling, that I was absorbing … The first weeks’ works are below … I am sure you can see where the shift took place.

Each set of works has its own story to tell, the progress of an artwork is closely linked to the progress of the experience, the progress of a soul.

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