Geckos … Geckos everywhere!

I’m not a bug person. So glad that geckos are.

There have been only a few select times in my life that I have seen geckos, and they have accompanied me on my journeys.

Accompanied is not quite the right word, more like … appeared. But it seem like they accompany because of the timing. They show up when I have made major decisions, or maybe I am just aware of them during these times.

These past two weeks are an example of this.

There may be many geckos in Italy, but these are beings that only show themselves to you when you are ready, or when your window of enlightenment has opened. I think … But to have them appear, and understand their significance is different than to have them appear and be dismissed. I think ….

The first gecko I saw was when I got home from Lecce the first time June 4. I almost did not see him, he was fairly transparent on the white wall. First I thought it was a chameleon, but then I was told it was actually a gecko.

Gecko on my wall coming up the stairs
Gecko on my wall coming up the stairs, the wall is actually white, and he was pink-ish

The second gecko I saw was in my first studio – and I am not even sure how I managed to see it, it was so tiny and far away on the ceilings, which were about 12 feet high.

There's a gecko in my studio
There's a gecko in my studio (now everyone will want one)

After that, they seemed to be following me, or making themselves known. They would scurry beside me as I walked in the fields to the beach, or when I walked around the castle. They have been my companion ever since, and I am glad of them.

There is something reassuring about the gecko, for me, not being a bug person … but there is deeper significance and more to geckos  … across cultures they are symbols of transformation and regeneration. Here is a really well written post from Dance of the Spirit.

“As a twilight and night creature, they are among the “dream-keepers” and “shape shifters”. Also, because of their molting, color changes and the fact that they usually mate in the spring months, Geckos represent transition and transformation, death and rebirth, metamorphosis and letting go of old things for the new.  Geckos also stand for our ability to overcome and cope with challenges. They remind us of wondrous emergence from transition as they depict dream guidance, beauty, mystery, communication, mysticism and awakenings.”

Now everyone will want one.

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