The Adventures of Barry

Most of you know I am an animal lover, and believe in respect for all animals regardless of their physical affiliation. Do I believe they have souls and can think? Yes. I think they do, and they can reason and feel and believe and understand. I think they do all of these things, but not by human standards, rather, it is a different level of interaction on the physical plane.

I do not believe they are beneath us.

When the opportunity came to take Barry the Koala bear, over to Italy to continue his adventures and help promote the Australian Koala Hospital, I jumped at the chance. (More info here:

Please follow Barry as he travels with me through Italy, and meets some very interesting people. He is also getting quite the cultural education and art / architectural history tour, I think you will agree when you see his pictures. If you are interested in any of the places he has been, there should be a note below the photo so you can see where it is, or do a search on the net for more background.

These pictures have been posted on Facebook in an album on my personal page   Every so often I will do a post on Barry’s personal adventures too. To keep up with me as an artist, please join my professional page

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