Arrival in Otranto – the first night

We were never bored in Otranto. Between work, and sightseeing, and dinners and gelato and the regional market, and just people watching, there was a lot to keep us busy.

The first evening, we had a group dinner at Paola’s house. She was sharing with her assistant Dagmar, who came for two weeks before going on to take care of her personal business in Prague. I was sad that Dagmar only stayed two weeks, but I am sure we will meet again.

Paola’s house is almost directly across from mine, looking on to the Pizzia at Porta Terra. Much of the activities takes place here, from the flower displays to concerts for kids, to dances, to people just hanging out. Hers is on the third floor, but the fourth overlooking the square. Mine is directly across from her but on the second floor.

There were 15 people for dinner that night, it was quite wonderful. Everyone was eager to tell about themselves and what they were doing. It was a very active evening of sharing and learning. The food was so good. What a start to the journey, it is always good to be well fed before embarking on one’s path. We received our calendar with activities for the next two weeks, and I was very excited.

Paola was talking about the area, I don’t think I will ever forget her words. They spoke to my soul.

This area is very rich in culture. Everything comes from the sea, the ships, the men, the food. There is magic in this area, mysteries you can’t explain. Time is not the same here as everywhere else.

You will see.

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