On the way to Italy

Today is the last day of prep for the Okanagan Erotic Art Show, the first opening is tonight.  Tonight sold out, so opening number 2 was added for tomorrow … but I am not going tomorrow night, I am getting ready for the time in Italy. This is a venture paid for by my artwork sales, and I thank all of those who purchased work, and who believe in my future.

Launch is Sunday, with an overnight at JFK then onwards on Alitalia arriving in Rome on Tuesday am. In Rome for three days with my greatest decision being which gallery or church should I go to. My train is booked to Lecce on June 1, and I’m being picked up with three other Fellows of the residency that afternoon to be taken to Otranto.

I’m excited, absolutely. It’s going to be six weeks full of cultural and educational adventure. When my husband comes at the end of June, we’ll be staying in Brindisi for two nights before he comes back with me to Otranto to see what I’ve been doing there. June 30 is traveling to Naples for four days, Florence for three, and then back to Rome for three. I have always believed I’ve had a few past lives in Rome and area, it will be interesting to see if anything twigs while I am there, like it did for Egypt.

Tonight though, is an Okanagan party, tomorrow is packing, and Sunday is spending with my family, including my nine cats before the plane Sunday afternoon. I will miss all of them…. but upon return to North America, we are going to Comic-Con, so it will be quite the cultural diversity. It’s going to be fun!

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