Can I substitute my painting?

A little bit of advice for artists who apply for shows, from someone who is an artist first and foremost, but who also runs the Okanagan Erotic Art Show, amongst others.

If you submit a work to be juried in to a show (my show, for example), and I go through the process of preparing it for the jurors, time is spent on it being juried, then it is accepted, and I have done a lot of work to get it in to a catalog, that is then printed, and the floor plan is done, the labels are done, please don’t write me and ask if you can substitute that painting in the show (going up shortly) because it has now been accepted in to a gallery.

I understand that having work in a gallery is fabulous, and exciting, however you made a commitment to the show. The organizers, (could be me, could be someone else) spent a lot of time on having your work in the show, and then for you to ask if you can pull it and plop another work in….

A friendly word of advice: if you have submitted it for acceptance in to a gallery, don’t include it for a submission to a show. If you have submitted it for a show, don’t include it for acceptance in a gallery. Please don’t be that artist. Make it easy for yourself, and don’t put yourself in that position, in the first place.

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