The Heroines Journey by Maureen Murdock

Highly recommend The Heroines Journey by Maureen Murdock. In it contained an explanation of my last 45 years on this plane, and most especially the last 15. Blog post of past interview. Incredible to see my search for identity through my artwork has been a subconscious exploration of the heroine from father*s daughter to the dark night and a gathering with the Dark Goddess. There was a period I just did black nudes, shadows and darkness, faced my own demons and grew to understand that darkness did not mean evil. Now on the ascent to the light. I have eaten many pomegranate seeds, and I am okay with that… I am no longer afraid of the dark.  I now understand while the hero needs to go out and travel and find his fortune, the heroine has already arrived… she just needs to be seen and accepted. I welcome mine with open arms.

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  1. You are right. When you find your Goddess self and realize your bliss it all comes together that the masks of evil have an underlying message that is not evil at all it is the plane of God that is illusion-ed behind the mask of evil. Remember Lucifer loved God too much as he refused to bow to man, and God expelled Lucifer to an eternity in Hell.

    What the Goddess today can do is to heal the world by finding and professing the glory of communality between cultures and religions. Then the forces of evil will have their masks torn asunder and the God self will come through and all will be healed. It is time to bring the 10th Visnu divinity to Earth.

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