Ideas vs Vision

When I went to university (oh so long ago in 2000), it was stressed that it was the idea /vision that makes the piece successful, and execution is secondary. I am not so sure about that.

Ideas are great as starting points – but for me, it is the idea that I am going to paint a female nude with xx attitude, but that is not where it stops. It stops when the work is done and the female nude is expressed as she wished. It is a process of self discovery – where I can go, where I can’t go which in turn decides where I will want to go in the future…. the idea is not the only thing. The “why” of painting female nudes is the subject of a whole other blog post… maybe even a book.

The question then becomes, is it what you envision that you paint (or sculpt, or draw)? Do you start out with a vision and then work towards that? hmm. Not really – it is more of a journey. There is a starting point, there is a stopping point, but who knows what the hell will happen between the start and the finish. But if the execution fails, I could wipe everything clean (done that more than a time or two), throw it out and start over (done that many times), or sit down and ask myself if I am going about it in a productive way. The analysis however is mostly done OUTSIDE of the artwork. Once the artwork has started, the brain shuts off, sorta. But the execution determines whether or not my message (usually unknown to me at the time) is successful.

Where then would the journey be for an artist who has it all figured out to begin with? imho, I think their’s is a different path – different, but no less valid.

What I do is an expression of who I am, who I am searching for. Each work can be considered a portrait, but not necessarily a self portrait of Julia Trops, female Canadian artist, but more of a female living in this time, with xx beliefs, living with all her baggage and experience, and looking for her true essence.

The idea, in my artworks, are the idea that they are being expressed. It is the expression. The idea is that of existence, the idea is that of consciousness, it is my experience, it is my consideration, it is my intelligence and, even though my teenage kids would disagree, it is my wisdom.

There is not just one particular idea being expressed. It is that each artwork has its own identity, it exists as an encapsulated point of time, a presence that decries explanation. It is like each time an artwork is completed, I know myself a little bit better, and for those who understand and connect with the work, I would hope that it is a recognition of that quality in themselves too.

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