Recommendations from the Sled Dog Task Force Report

Here is a direct copy and paste of page 23, 24 and 25 of the Sled Dog Task Force paper:

original can be found here:

Please note Recommendation 5!!! This is what we are all working towards. It has been stated by the BC provincial government that they will act on all of these recommendations, but we need to close those loopholes!

5.1 Regulation of Standards of Care for Sled Dogs in B.C.

RECOMMENDATION 1: Amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCAA) to:

• create a regulatory authority to define Standards of Care for animals.

• extend the current six month limitations for bringing forward proceedings related to contraventions of the PCAA

RECOMMENDATION 2: Consider increased penalties for offences committed under the PCAA

RECOMMENDATION 3: Establish a working group to develop a Sled Dog ‘Standard of Care’ based upon current knowledge, best practices, science, and expertise with extensive input from key stakeholders including veterinarians, enforcement agencies, animal welfare organizations, and the sled dog industry.

This explicit and mandatory standard will define an acceptable standard of care and provide clarity to both animal owners and law enforcement officials.The standard should provide minimum requirements of care in addition to recommended best practices–including, but not limited to food, water, housing, socialization, tethering, euthanasia and other animal husbandry responsibilities.

Consideration should be given to referencing external authoritative standards, including the CVMA, to ensure the standard continues to reflect emerging best practices.

RECOMMENDATION 4: Require that all sled dog companies receiving tenures on Crown Land under the Land Act include in their management plans annual inspections by either the BC SPCA or a licensed veterinarian.

RECOMMENDATION 5: Recommend to the Government of Canada that consideration be given to strengthen the Criminal Code provisions related to animal cruelty.

RECOMMENDATION 6: Consult with the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia on the creation of a mandatory reporting requirement under the PCAA that requires veterinarians to report suspected cases of animal abuse to the BC SPCA and provides statutory immunity for veterinarians making such reports.

RECOMMENDATION 7: Enhance the capacity of the BC SPCA to undertake animal cruelty investigations.

RECOMMENDATION 8: Build upon the existing prosecutorial expertise within the Ministry of Attorney General to successfully pursue cases of animal abuse through ongoing training and related efforts.

5.2 Certification of Sled Dog Operators in B.C.

RECOMMENDATION 9: Encourage the development of a self-sustaining sled dog industry association which incorporates a certification and auditing program.Encourage agencies and organizations that have the ability to market or license sled dog sporting events (e.g.tourism associations, business advocacy and consumer organizations, race organizers), to require membership in this association as a condition for B.C.-related activities and marketing.

RECOMMENDATION 10: Enhance the provincial public sector’s ability to recognize and report instances of animal abuse by:

• Developing and delivering information awareness materials regarding animal abuse to front-line staff as appropriate;

• Developing policies to ensure the expectations and mechanisms to report animal abuse are in place; and,

• Establishing Information Sharing Agreements between the BC SPCA and the numerous provincial Ministries, Crown Corporations and non-government agencies with statutory obligations.


I note that Recommendation 3 does not include the term of *retirement*, but does include a recommendation regarding socialization. All dogs should be adoptable after their run … just like K-9s, seeing eye dogs etc.

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