Why the dogs, why not the homeless?

I was asked the other day, how there could be so much attention on this situation, the one with the sled dogs, when there are so many other weighty matters that abound with our human population: homeless, child abuse, addictions, you name it. Why do people show up at protests for a potential bunny cull, but not for these others? Fair enough question. Happy to explain…

There is a difference yes. The difference here is that the humans are the caretakers of animals. The animals have no choice, really, but to live within our society as we wish. Humans do have a choice, and if they are incapable of choices, their caretakers have choices. In my opinion, if their caretakers abdicate from or are incapable of their responsibility, then we have human conditions such as are listed above.

In Kelowna, we had an overpopulation of bunnies in one of our areas, according to some people there were THOUSANDS. Apparently people would dump their unwanted bunnies there, and well, bunnies do what bunnies do, and the population exploded. What is the City to do? They came up with the idea of a cull, but too many people protested, (though one went out with his 14 year old son and beat some to death with a bat – and a serial killer is born!) Long story short, the majority (I don’t know if all) were put with TRACs on a bunny farm. I believe they were all fixed so they could not reproduce. But, the point here is that it was because of human action that this problem occurred in the first place. Human action. Powerful beasts, we humans.

Our laws in Canada are atrocious. They are outdated and insufficient for the cruelty that humans are capable of. They have not been changed since 1892! Truth of the matter is, you can do anything pretty much right now to an animal in Canada, and you’ll just get a slap on the wrist. There are many of us that want that changed. The sled dog executions were an unavoidably, tremendously impactful event that shoved our current laws unceremoniously in our face, and demanded our attention to get these laws changed NOW. We could not NOT do something! We are taking ownership of our laws, we are taking ownership of our voice. But why is this so important? They are just DOGS for heavensake!

Case in point:
Here is the WCB report from BF who killed the Outdoor Adventure Sled Dogs – have you read it? http://www.cbc.ca/bc/news/bc-110131-worksafebc-whistler-dog-cull.pdf

The outrage that I and others feel that this was even permitted to happen (and that some people think it was okay to do) is why we are using this momentum to get our laws changed so that if it ever did happen again, there would be severe penalties for their actions. Bill C-229 is not perfect in my eyes, I would like things to be much stiffer in penalties, and stronger in definitions, but I know laws need to change in increments. Maybe my son or grandchildren will see what I would envision as a perfect legislation.

The dog walks listed in this facebook Vigil for 100 Sled Dogs group are not just “dog walks”. There is so much more behind it, there will be petitions that people can sign so they at least feel like they are :doing: something. That is the motive behind the dog walks. People around the world! are disgusted that something like this could happen in our day and age, in our supposed evolution and consciousness as human beings.

This is not like a protest for a bunny cull. These dogs were massacred, horribly, terribly and painfully. By their pack leader. In front of the survivors. You don’t think dogs feel anything? Look at how your companion greets you next time when you come home.

There are so many people in this world who are watching Whistler, watching them deny that Outdoor Adventures is even part of Whistler, even though Outdoor Adventures is advertised as a Whistler business, given a Whistler business license, and sold as a Whistler activity. There are so many people in this world watching Whistler bury their heads in the sand thinking that if they can’t see a problem, no one else can either.

There are so many people in this world who are watching Canada, watching our government and forming opinions on our population, that we allow this sort of thing to go on. There are so many people within Canada itself, watching and writing and petitioning our government to change the legislation so that this will ever happen again.

I am one of these people, and I hope you are too. This goal is obtainable. We can get the legislation changed. We can make a difference. We can do this. Even one petition from each person with 25 signatures will add up to the million we hope to get. Every signature counts. Every voice counts. Your voice counts. This is not just about the dogs, or about dog walks. This is about making a difference for everyone.

Here is a link to information that you can get started in your own community. It is a note I posted on facebook, and thought perhaps others might like to make an impact in their own community. Any questions, by all means, let me know.

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  1. Julia, this is an incredible and powerful piece of writing. You have hit every key objective with factual, true reality. If people don’t get it after reading this, I don’t know that they ever will. Thank you!

    I would be honored to share this.


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