BC Sled Dog Task Force Likely Going to Turn Its Back on Sled Dogs


If you thought the fate of the 100 sled dogs who were slaughtered in British Columbia would mean a better day ahead for dogs, think again.

Instead of learning from the tragedy, instead of understanding that yes, sled dogs can be and frequently are adopted into pet homes, instead of acknowledging that death — whether it’s from a bullet to the head, a knife to the throat, or a syringe full of Fatal-plus –  is not an acceptable canine retirement plan, <b>the task force assigned to investigate the killings is turning its back on Canada’s working sled dogs.</b>

Please write to your MP and your Senate regarding this, and get the laws in Canada changed!


this is the bill mark holland, mp, wanted passed into law for tougher penalties re animal cruelty.

This is the PAPER Petition for people to sign –

and http://markholland.liberal.ca/files/2010/07/s-203-versus-c-229.pdf
discusses what is current and what is proposed by Bill C-229.

If you want to see how sad Canada is with regard to Animal Cruelty read this
how Canada ranks in animal cruelty legislation: http://www.ifaw.org/Publications/Program_Publications/Regional_National_Efforts/North_America/Canada/asset_upload_file751_15788.pdf

Please write!! Deadline for the taskforce presentation is not til March. We can make a difference, we have time!

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