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Hi to all, if you are an animal lover, and believe that the animal rights laws should be changed, please consider writing to all the MPs and MLAs across Canada. I have compiled the email addresses for a simple copy and paste. To do this would take about half an hour tops. Together we can make a difference, and it is a small amount of time to be spent that could have a big impact. When the people raise their voices in unison, we create a choir and a song that can not be ignored.

Send in groups of about 20 or 30, to prevent being caught by spam filters, and send over a period of a week to prevent your email provider getting mad at you. Yes, there are a lot of emails here. With the power of the internet we can make a difference.

Senate (coming soon)

Parliament – MPs

Newfoundland MLAs

Nova Scotia MLAs

New Brunswick MLAs


Ontario MLAs

Manitoba MLAs

Saskatchewan MLAs

Alberta MLAs


Yukon MLAs

Current Canadian Animal Legislation still treats animals as Property.

“Animals typically are treated as things over which humans can exercise rights of possession, use, and enjoyment in exclusion of other humans.  Therefore, animals are property in Canada, and the Criminal Code recognizes this by placing animals under Part XI, which is titled Wilful and Forbidden Acts in Respect of Certain Property.”

(just updating this post, completion eta 10 minutes)

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