What specifically businesses can do to support Arts and Culture in their city

This is a blurb from a previous post Business and Culture, Culture is Business but thought it was important to pull out of that post and put on its own….

1. Take the initiative and search out groups that you believe in from a personal and or professional point of view. Take the initiative! Set a budget each year. Meet it. Use that interaction to show other businesses that you are taking the lead to support the culture in the City. Make it a friendly competition. By approaching cultural groups you save them incredible amounts of time, which could be translated in to presenting a much more enjoyable show, which you are supporting! Better reflection on you, right?
2. Ask the cultural groups you support to give you feedback about your donation. How much impact did it have. Ask how effective their event was. Creating accountability also creates trust – trust in you that their event will be sponsored again, and trust in them that they are being effective and efficient with the funds given. You haven’t thrown that money away.
3. Put a sign in your window or prominently on display that you support Culture! It doesn’t have to be a ton of money – it could be $100, it could be $500 or it could be a stupendous amount like $10,000! (Send it my way too, please.)

Regardless of how you support the groups, just support them. We talk about tourists all the time in Kelowna, because we have a tourist type town. But there are many locals who would appreciate a richer culture too. Take care of our locals, and they will tell their families, who become tourists as they visit. Then the tourists will benefit, which will mean more tourists, and a better business for you. Remember that old Brek commercial in the 70s – they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on……

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