The Rosie Series of Watercolours

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These little paintings are 3 inches by 3 inches watercolour on prepared canvas. I am calling them Rosies because my little black skittish cat, who only allows me to pet her when she is on her green blanket, always came up to nuzzle when I was painting these paintings.

Each has a female encapsulated within its space. Each female’s form was suggested by the lines and cracks in the surface – much time was taken to try to find the Rosies. Sometimes she was upside down, or leaning over. Take a look at the images and you will see what I mean. They have a medieval, illuminated manuscript feel to them, their titles indicate they are caught in the midst of time with such as Rosie’s Wonder, Rosie’s Love, Rosie’s Thoughts and Rosie’s Decision.

Each of the Rosie’s are mounted on a 6″x6″ wooden panel, either 2″ projection, or else a 1″ projection. They look really good when they are framed up in the heavy black floater frames, see below:

Rosies Framed and Mounted
Rosies Framed and Mounted

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