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Saw this on Facebook today as someone’s status –

Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life. (Pythagoras)

It is really easy to replace the word “Friends” with “Family” or “Acquaintances” or “Co-workers” or “Peers” or…. “Fellow Artists”….

We are all in this together, my fellow artists – it is the main idea in my philosophy to aid others in their search and goals – I don’t ask for anything in return – gifts given with obligations of return are not gifts. I do what I do because I love what I do, and it feeds my own excitement. That is a pretty good reward!

When I write with criticism, sure it could be “nicer”, but I am not always politically correct. Most of you already know that. lol. I believe that a message given with passion and conviction is much stronger in impact than one given with nice nice words, and pats on the back. Did I upset you with what I said? You might want to look internally for the reason – did you expect something different? More softer, more cautious, more ….deferential?   . Read my blog post about your perceptions and my responsibility.

There are four key words in the Pythagoras quote – Companions, journey aid and the idea of perseverance. The word companions does not mean or imply that everyone gets along. A journey can be long or short, and aid does not always mean you have to say nice things. Sometimes it is better to be open and direct. Perseverance is a word that requires conviction and belief to be carried out. Words contain within themselves their own key to action, and their own political correctness.

Living and sharing with a good heart will make your journey … interesting – regardless if you like your “companions”, or like the “aid”. But above do need to persevere.And we are all on a journey – whether we recognize it or not.

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