New website new look, old format?

Well kinda –

I am moving my website from dreamweaver format to the blog format – have worked out the database issues, I now get an email once a week with a back up for the site in case something happens and it crashes. That is a good days work done I think.

A blog format allows much more interaction, the updates are easily done, I can share and tweet in a much simpler manner. It doesnt have a tremendous amount of bells and whistles, and why should it? I am doing it all myself, and I am an artist, not a programmer. Think I have done tremendously well all by myself, and if I have any questions, I have some lovely friends who are always happy to help out. What more can I ask for?

If you have any questions about the site, or want to know what plugin I am using for whatever effect, by all means let me know. Integration is the key, being able to use tools that work well with each other for the good of the site… hmmmm… sounds like real life too I think.

Mirrors mirrors everywhere, always make us think.

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