What may be shown – Okanagan Erotic Art Show


I got a question today about whether giclees, prints and such can be shown at the Erotic Art Show. All original works of art are welcome to be shown. This means that giclees or hand embellished giclees or other such mechanical prints will not be considered. Original prints such as lithos, intaglio etc and small limited edition photographs are more than welcome. Anything not listed here, contact me, and we’ll clear it up.

Cards are welcome to be sold, they must be individually priced. Space will be limited for cards so please let me know if you are thinking of submitting these.

Please ensure your artwork is priced with all taxes included. I have the capability to process visa and mastercard transactions, but there is a 5% commission on these methods that is payable by the artist to me to cover costs. If the artist decides to take cheques, the cheques will be made directly to the artist, and the artist takes all responsibility on these.

If you are interested in staffing the show, please send me a note. :-)

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