Call to Artists – Okanagan Erotic Art Show

For 2010, I am pleased to announce that the 3rd annual Okanagan Erotic Art Show will be part of a three day sensually focused event called The Xtream Fantasy Sex Show April 30- May 2 2010. Artists, as always, are welcome to consider any part of the sensual part of the human psyche and being. Submissions now being accepted until March 30 2010. Artists must be a resident of the North, Central or South Okanagan.

The Xtream Fantasy Sex Show, the first of its kind in the Okanagan, will feature a Main Stage with around the clock entertainment including performing arts and fashion shows. Workshops will have around the clock presenters to educate the guests free of charge on various subjects on sexual health and well-being. This show will promote self image, health and fitness for the mind, body and spirit, fashion, relaxation and education including topics such as:

* health practioners
* yoga and dance instructors,
* weight loss and nutrition services,
* travel and adventure,
* tattoo and body piercing,
* spas and massage,
* fitness for the body, mind, and spirit,
* entertainment,
* art : Okanagan Erotic Art Show
* photography,
* lingerie,
* adult novelty retailers
* alternative life styles, and more!

The show will be an inviting environment for the Adult industry to come together with the interested and curious consumers in the Okanagan for some fun shopping, education and good times. We look forward to seeing you at the most talked about, most attended show in the Okanagan 2010!

For more information about the Okanagan Erotic Art Show, please contact Julia Trops 250-215-0079 or visit For more information about the Xtream Fantasy Sex Show, or to find out how to get involved, contact Natasha Lacourse , Events Manager, 403-457-5005 or email

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