November 2009 – Destabilization and new platforms for stability

November Forecast 2009.

From the link above:

The main theme for November is De-stabilization.

Sub-themes are:

• Dissolving old foundations

• Accessing the void

• Re-defining essentials

• Creativity and resourcefulness as security

• New platforms of stability

The influences of this month encourage major de-stabilization of many of the known structures we have all come to rely on. This includes all the ways we have organized our perceptions and emotional responses to the physical world. De-stabilization is seen here as a positive influence as it accelerates movement where progress is necessary. In the process, great energy and power are released.

We have talked before about this time of the feminine coming into power. The feminine has two aspects; the creative and the destructive. What we are dealing with this month is the destructive side of the feminine which, in its positive expression, can be helpful in destroying the cancers of our attachments and old patterns exemplified by outdated patriarchal structures of the modern western world. Keep in mind that the feminine is a fluid, creative and powerful energy that tends to break through any rigidity that opposes it. While Martyrdom is still a constant thorn in our side, Stubbornness takes the lead this month as the obstacle to be aware of.

Stubbornness stems from the fear of change and the resistance to authority. In this case the authority is the influence of the feminine and all the agents of change that are out of our intellectual and emotional control. At this stage in the game, resistance is futile. Things will happen whether you like it or not because it is what is needed at this time. Remember that you are part of the collective and it is the collective that is choosing how this shift in consciousness is playing itself out. The only aspect that you can control is how you deal with the de-stabilization. Will you be in shock and surprise like a deer in headlights or will you accept it and harness the momentum of the incredible movement of energy that it produces?

Definitely read more at the link, it explains a lot of what is happening these days. I know it is in my life. By recognizing what is happening in the undercurrents, it will help you deal with and take responsibility for your own future.

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