A return to freedom for an artist confined too long

So here I am back at the gym again after what feels like months of inactivity. It really wasn’t, just a three week hiatus because of a cold/flu whatever.It was so nice to see Regis and Kelly in the gym, and I pushed it for a fabulous workout. My Polar F6 watch said I burnt just over 600 calories in the hour and a half and max heartrate was 178 – the iron therapy is working wonders, and I am starting to feel like I have a life again. It could also be because of the completion of my duties, as well, the finalization of all my obligations are wrapping up today, and I feel like I have been set free of the chains from the last year. This is what last year has been about: duties and obligations and the fulfilling of the same. Likely it was a Capricorn rising (or other earth sign) solar return.

Before I continue on with some thoughts about new projects, I absolutely have to say something first, and it is judgmental (no doubt about it), and it is harsh (for some), and it amazes me (all the time) that it has to be said. Now I don’t usually watch awards tv, but we watched last night because Adam Lambert was going to perform. In my eyes, he is a true vocal artist. I will never ever forget his rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. It received a bit of an odd mix from the judges, but I thought it was brilliant.

Anyway – last night was the American Music Awards, and I as mentioned, I never watch these but to see Adam, I did. If I were Simon, I would say it was largely forgettable, and self-indulgent. What I could not believe was the furor when I woke up this morning, and as mentioned, I was in the gym for about an hour and a half – so I got to see Barbara Walters talking on the view about how upset people were that Adam kissed a guy!!! What? Pull your heads out of your arses people! (that’s the judgemental part – or maybe that’s the harsh part). Good grief, so he kissed a guy. Did he make him cry? People really need to get over themselves, it’s a performance! Honestly.

Alright, moving on.

New moon happened earlier this month, always the start of new projects and the putting in motion of new ideas. I’ve been stirring the pot internally, and have made a few decisions that will upset some people, and will make others go “finally!” I feel like these are things that have been brewing for some time, have come to the surface and are ready to flower. Many people have asked why I do so many “compressed” artworks – some have interpreted them as being submissive, and perhaps they are – in order to be receptive, I think one has to be submissive – submissive to ideas, notions, thoughts, emotions. Submissiveness, however, is not necessarily defined as being controlled. My interest in doing these compressed works, a few examples are below, has to do with the gathering of strength, a gathering of internal forces, a centralization of energy, which, when ready and given enough freedom to grow, will blossom.

That is all I will say right now, but as things progress and come to the surface – being ex-Air Force, I do tend to fly by the seat of my pants – I will blog and post and talk. I don’t expect to be seen around much in the next little while, as I have developed a deeper understanding of the Where’s Waldo philosophy.

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  1. Bill Mack – known as the #1 individual purchaser of red roses in North America (it is good to have a niche….) creates a preeminent relief – Enigma – shown here as a bonded bronze or sand. I have had the privilege of meeting Bill a number of times, and partaking of his shows, someday I hope to own a piece of his art. Enigma – is also confined – yet equally liberated. http://billmack.com/index.php/artwork/detail/enigma/enigma_bonded_bronze/

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