Looking to apply for an artist residency in France in 2010

I need to get out of Kelowna. I feel like I am being stifled – I don’t think I have ever stayed in one place and in one house for so long in my life – we have been here eight years. My feet are getting itchy – well they’ve been itchy for a while and no it isn’t athlete’s foot – though sometimes I wonder…

Anyway. I am looking up artist residencies and I am being called to France. I have a few places in mind, and will be applying for them in about a week or so. I am just not so sure how I am going to do it in this economy. Well – I will be holding a show and sale in my studio come November and all funds raised during that time will go towards this goal. The other way I am doing this is by the donation button on your right side of the screen. If you are interested in supporting this ambitious venture, please by all means, you are welcome to use the button. Speaking of goals, I have $10000 in mind, and if I can reach that, I will be so thrilled.

So please watch this space for more information.

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